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Interview mit Gosho Aoyama

Mangaka von Detective Conan

Interview with Gosho Aoyama – Mangaka of Detective Conan

JPC: Hello Aoyama-Sensei, it is a great honor for us that you take the time for a short interview with us. The interview will consist of many fan questions, we hope you are happy.

JPC: Is there a reason why almost all of Detective Conan’s relationships are sandbox friendships, or is this more the case when developing the story?

Aoyama: Yes, because it makes it easier to think up episodes! e.g. such a scene with the statement „There were similar things back then, too“ and sandpit friendships I like. *laugh*

JPC: Where do you get the inspiration for new cases and murders? Are they based on facts or how do you bring real events into your manga?

Aoyama: I rarely take real cases because they’re remembered. But I take a lot of time together with my editor to work out the cases but also tricks..

JPC: Which case did you find the most complicated? Why was this so? (So drawings or also story / research)

Aoyama: That was the case with „Bell Tree Express“ (vol.78 „Mystery Train“). The interior equipment was as extensive as „Oriental Express“ and the picture from the outside was difficult to create because it should always be in motion!

JPC: Which character from Detective Conan or Kaito Kid do you identify with the most?

Aoyama: „Mitsuhiko“ as a child and „Kogoro“ as an adult. *laughing*

JPC: Detective Conan can be bloody sometimes. Are there things you can’t or don’t want to draw and your assistants do the work?

Aoyama: Bloody scenes are drawn by my assistants. The sketches for them are made by me of course. In the end, I even add blood myself sometimes. *laughing*

JPC: Would you let an important character die, too, if it helped the story move forward? Or has it grown too close to your heart?

Aoyama: Yeah, I could do it. But so far it has not happened.

JPC: Do you remember the beginnings of your career?

Aoyama: Yeah, if I’m judging for the Shōgakukan Manga Award. *laugh*

Editor’s note: „Shōgakukan Manga Prize“ is a Manga Prize awarded annually by Shogakukan Publishing House and is very prestigious. Aoyama- sensei is a jury member for the department „Shonen“.

JPC: Even today there are still movies and other episodes about Conan coming out. What is it like for you today when you see your work filmed and presumably work closely with the animation studio?

Aoyama: I am happy that more and different people will get to know my works. This is an honour for me!

JPC: Finally, do you have a few words for your German fans?

Aoyama: I used one time to travel to Germany. My fans were so nice! If I had the opportunity again, I would like to come to Germany. I would be happy about your further support!

JPC: Thank you very much for the interview Aoyama-sensei.


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